Imogen R Coe named founding Dean of Science at Ryerson University

In August 2012, Imogen R Coe, PhD, was named founding Dean of Ryerson University’s new Faculty of Science. Dr Coe is internationally recognized for her research in the cell biology and biochemistry of a family of membrane transport proteins.

Dr Coe received a Banting Research Foundation grant in 1998 to study the influence of steroid hormones on the uptake of a class of chemotherapy agents in human cells.

“small scale, but high impact”

Dr Imogen R Coe

Imogen R Coe, recipient of a 1998 Banting Research Foundation grant

She says that, at the time, the grant was “small scale, but high impact.” It provided some operating funds and a stipend to support a graduate student. “This is huge for someone just starting out.”

The funds enabled the early development of her research program and allowed her to get bigger grants by providing her with data to back up grant applications to NSERC and CIHR. She noted that a successful grant application also provides positive reinforcement and confidence to early-stage researchers. Her Banting Research Foundation application became the foundation for other successful applications.