Moriarty lab shows how Lyme disease bacteria spread through the body

Tara Moriarty PhD and PhD student Rhodaba Ebady at the University of Toronto have developed an imaging system that is able to show how bacterial cells move through blood vessels to infect other parts of the body. Using the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, they showed how bacterial cells attach themselves to the inner surface of blood vessels with tether-like structures, grabbing and releasing to move themselves along without being swept away by the forces of blood flow. Knowing the mechanism of this movement is a critical step in the development of therapeutics to treat Lyme disease and other similar infections.

Read the entire press release, and read a great interview with Tara Moriarty and Rhodaba Ebady with Stephen Matheson of Cross Talk.

Tara Moriarty was funded by the Banting Research Foundation in 2011 and says, “That grant was the most personally significant one I’ve ever received.”

Learn more about the Moriarty Lab and their work, and find this publication and others by Moriarty et al.
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