Revolutionizing Retinal Research: Celebrating
Dr. Sergio Crespo-Garcia's Achievements

August 2023

Celebrating Dr. Sergio Crespo-Garcia, a visionary in retinal degeneration research, is a true honor. In a quest to transform our understanding and treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the Banting Research Foundation is thrilled to name Dr. Crespo-Garcia as the recipient of this year’s esteemed William and Nona Heaslip-Banting Discovery Award. An Assistant Professor at the School of Optometry, Université de Montréal, his work on neuron-blood vessel-immune cell interactions has significantly advanced the field of retinal degeneration research.

Dr. Crespo-Garcia’s expertise in this field stems from an impressive academic path. With first-class honors in biology from IE University in Spain, and a Master’s degree in Genetics and Cell Biology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, his participation in various projects and postdoctoral work in Canada has earned him recognition and placed him at the forefront of retinal neurodegeneration.

His research delves into the relationship between faulty binding or transport of folate in the retina and the accumulation of local homocysteine, contributing to neovascular AMD. By exploring the molecular mechanisms of this disease, Dr. Crespo-Garcia aims to illuminate the processes that create a cytotoxic environment within the retina.

As a postdoctoral researcher in Canada, Dr. Crespo-Garcia has made substantial strides in characterizing cellular senescence’s contribution to retinal vascular pathologies. This innovative work is crucial in ongoing clinical trials for patients with diabetic retinopathy, expanding our knowledge and paving the way for new treatment strategies.

Dr. Crespo-Garcia’s recognition reflects his remarkable contributions to the field. With a diverse academic background and steadfast dedication, he aims to continue advancing vascular retina disease research. The Banting Research Foundation is honored to support his visionary work, promising to reshape our understanding and treatment of AMD.

Dr. Sergio Crespo-Garcia is a beacon of hope for those affected by AMD. His pioneering research and commitment have earned him the prestigious Discovery Award. As we applaud his achievements, we look forward to the future innovations he will bring. The Banting Research Foundation proudly supports his mission to revolutionize vascular retina disease and inspire a new generation of scientists.

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