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Welcome to the Banting Research Foundation, a beacon of support for early career health researchers in Canada.

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The Banting Research Foundation, is the oldest organization funding Health Research in Canada, founded in 1925.  Our mission is to recognize and support Canada’s most talented and innovative health and biomedical scientists with seed money in the first three years of their university appointments to help launch their independent research programs. 

We have seed-funded over 1,300 early-career researchers to date and, through our capacity to recognize talent early and to take risks, have achieved remarkable success in fostering discoveries that eventually translated into improved health and wellness.  

What is an early-career researcher? ECRs are defined as those within 5 years of their first academic appointment. This stage is crucial, as limited time and scarcity of funding makes it a unique moment. ECRs have the potential to shape their innovative ideas.

The Banting Discovery Award:
Empowers innovation,
fosters excellence,
transforms health

A Banting Discovery Award, valued at $30,000 each, confers prestige and credibility on successful Canadian recipients at an early stage of their careers. 88% (5 out of 6) early career researchers we funded were successful in getting major federal funding within the first 5 years of their initial academic appointments


The Banting Discovery Award fuels a sustainable research cycle, providing the support needed to propel the next generation of Canadian researchers.


The award is a mark of distinction, recognizing the excellence and creativity of young researchers. It elevates their standing in the academic and research community.


The ultimate goal of the award is to significantly impact human health. It supports innovative projects that can transform our understanding and treatment of health and disease.

Our Impactful Banting Discoverers

We take immense pride in highlighting the achievements of some of our most impactful "Banting Discoverers"

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Your support is the spark that ignites the next wave of transformative health research. By investing in the Banting Research Foundation, you’re not just funding studies—you’re fueling innovation, championing early-career scientists, and driving breakthroughs that change lives. The future of discovery awaits us. Join us in shaping that future, and together, let’s embark on this exciting journey of scientific exploration and human advancement.