The Banting Research Foundation is a public foundation that funds health and biomedical research in Canada. Established in 1925 to support the ongoing research of Frederick Banting and his associates, the Foundation now focuses on funding early-career researchers with innovative projects in all areas of health and biomedical research at universities and research institutes in Canada.

Since inception, the Banting Research Foundation has awarded 1350 grants to support a broad range of health and biomedical research projects all across Canada.

The Foundation was established to apply donations from Banting’s friends, patients and supporters for the specific purpose of funding innovative investigation with potential similar to insulin “to alleviate human suffering.”

In Canada, the transition from postdoctoral fellow to independent investigator is no easier now than it was in Banting’s era. However, the resources required to initiate new lines of research are often orders of magnitude greater. With national peer-review granting agencies constrained in their capacity to provide high-risk early career support, an ever-increasing number of young faculty from across the country turn to the Banting Research Foundation for seed funding. For example, in 2015, we received 78 such requests and were able to fund only 7.

The Banting Research Foundation has as its present unique mandate the provision of peer-reviewed grants to assist similarly independent faculty initiating their careers at a university or research institute in Canada who have modest resources but a passion to pursue imaginative, exciting, yet well-grounded new lines of medical research.

Banting logo insulin iconAbout Our Logo

Our dynamic and forward-looking graphic design is anchored by an icon that shows the characteristic three-pair structure of the insulin molecule with white lines radiating brightly from the centre. The stylized molecule and rays together evoke the explosive power of scientific discovery to change our lives profoundly.

This icon serves as a graphic metaphor for both the history and contemporary mandate of the Banting Research Foundation, which was established in celebration of a momentous discovery by a young idealistic clinical scientist who found himself in much the same position as the early-career researchers we now fund.