Message from the Chair

Our Foundation was launched almost 100 years ago to sustain support for Sir Frederick Banting’s legacy of creative research that led to the discovery of insulin.

Banting’s story is quite inspiring because with very little seed funding and just enough resources to carry out a limited number of experiments, along with Charles Best, he completed Nobel Prize worthy research. 

The risk taken to support Banting’s bold idea resulted in impact that has been nothing less than a life-saving treatment for millions across the globe.  Our goal is to seek out young Canadian health science researchers at the beginning of their careers and invest in their bold ideas. 

Today, Canada is faced with an unprecedented challenge as the COVID pandemic continues to destabilize our health and economy.   

We have entered an era with an urgent need for our best and brightest to discover more understanding about disease and how to improve and sustain the health of all Canadians.

However, the budgets of our publicly funded universities and research institutes are tightened.

Therefore, the efforts of the Banting Research Foundation must be redoubled to enhance our offerings of funding.

We are seeking funding partners who share our mission of building on the Banting legacy through our Discovery Award program.

Our young researchers need our support now and your investment will contribute to the future health of all Canadians.

With thanks,

Catharine Whiteside

Board Chair