Discovery Mentorship Program

The Discovery Mentorship Program empowers the innovators of tomorrow’s breakthroughs, igniting early-career researchers with unparalleled mentorship, collaboration, and a community committed to scientific innovation

What's in it for the Researchers

Professional Development

Through targeted skill-building in areas such as grant writing, research operations management, communication, and leadership, the program equips researchers with the diverse skill set needed for success in the scientific arena.


The Discovery Mentorship Program leverages the insights of experienced researchers, past Discovery Awardees, and industry experts.

Community and Collaboration

The Discovery Mentorship Program nurtures a vibrant network of peer and established researchers, that fosters an environment of collaboration and mutual growth. This sense of community is further amplified during the annual Discovery Open House, a hub of scientific exchange, networking, and national recognition.

Thank you again for the fantastic opportunity. My mentor is the very best (she has scheduled to meet with me once every two months!). It was wonderful to get to meet such enthusiastic and productive scientists. I really appreciate it. I came back feeling refreshed and ready for a great summer of research!

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The Banting Way: Mentorship, Mastery, and Mutual Growth

In the ever-evolving narrative of the Banting Research Foundation, 2023 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter – the launch of the Discovery Mentorship Program. This innovative initiative underscores our dedication to Early Career Researchers (ECRs), reaching beyond the financial support of the Discovery Award to offer the vital resources of mentorship, guidance, and community.

The Discovery Mentorship Program is a tapestry of support, meticulously woven with the threads of experienced mentors, diverse professional development, and the collective wisdom of past Discovery Award recipients. It offers ECRs not just a mentor, but a network of mentors, seasoned in a range of disciplines and skilled in the art of grant writing, research operations management, leadership, communication, and knowledge translation. This program is more than a mentorship initiative; it’s a nationwide beacon that guides the development of well-rounded investigators who think broadly, work collaboratively, and demonstrate research excellence.

At the heart of this program lies the Discovery Open House event. This triennial gathering transforms the Discovery Mentorship Program from a structure of support into a dynamic ecosystem of scientific exchange. New and past Discovery Award recipients converge to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences, that foster a vibrant community centered on the spirit of collaboration and innovation. The inaugural Discovery Open House, held in Toronto on May 25 and 26, 2023, was a resounding success, accelerating our journey towards becoming a comprehensive resource for ECRs.

In partnership with Shift Health, the Discovery Open House offered ECRs a unique opportunity to interact with established researchers and industry experts. The event became a melting pot of insights, advice, and potential collaboration opportunities. Attendees left not only with valuable knowledge but also with a strengthened sense of community and shared purpose.

The ripple effects of this successful event echo our excitement for the future. Not only did the Discovery Open House facilitate crucial connections and learning, but it also propelled the Banting Research Foundation forward towards its ambitious goal. We strive to be more than a source of funding; we aim to become a dependable community, a beacon of support for early-career researchers as they navigate the exciting, challenging terrain of scientific innovation.

As we continue our journey, we are energized by the success of the Discovery Mentorship Program and the first Discovery Open House. These milestones are vital steps towards realizing our vision of fostering excellence, stability, and high-impact research in Canadian health innovation. Together with our community of researchers and mentors, we eagerly anticipate the future, knowing that our combined efforts will continue to fuel scientific advancement and enhance the lives of Canadians and people around the globe.

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