Unlocking the Future of IDEA in Canada’s Life Sciences Sector: Insights from the Launch Event

July 2023

On this illuminating day, the Banting Research Foundation is pleased to shine a spotlight on a landmark conference, the ‘Status of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) in Canada’s Life Sciences Sector’ Launch Event, developed by Shift Health and Life Sciences Ontario. Supported generously by Pfizer and adMare BioInnovations, the event delved deep into the current landscape of IDEA in Canada’s Life Sciences Sector.

Maurine Kwok, our executive director at the Banting Research Foundation, remarked: “The event was a resounding success and the panel discussion was one of the best I’ve attended!

This gathering marked the launch of an impactful report, that delves into the importance of IDEA in Canada’s life sciences sector. The report underscores the aspiration for a sector where everyone can belong, contribute, and thrive in an environment that champions diversity and inclusivity.

About The Report

The study strives to highlight the current scenario and importance of embedding IDEA in Canada’s life sciences sector. The ultimate goal is clear: for everyone to belong, contribute, and thrive in a sector that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. This effort aimed to provide an understanding of what’s currently being done, the existing barriers, and the promising opportunities ahead.

Key areas for IDEA initiative priorities as identified by the report include:

  1. Talent Development – Adopting inclusive approaches for recruitment, training, and performance management.
  2. Community and Culture – Building a stronger community sense and promoting human connections.
  3. Knowledge – Ensuring all employees understand and appreciate the importance of IDEA.
  4. Leadership – Ensuring leadership teams that are diverse and aligned with IDEA principles.

Recommendations & Sector-wide Opportunities

The report further presents a comprehensive set of recommendations spanning areas from talent development, community and culture, knowledge to leadership. Additionally, the study brings to light some sector-wide opportunities that hold immense potential, such as articulating the case for IDEA, creating a library of IDEA tools, and establishing an IDEA community for leaders.

Full Report

For a comprehensive understanding and to delve deeper into the findings, click here to access the full report.


Stay tuned for more insights, and let’s keep the dialogue going, fostering an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible future in Canada’s Life Sciences Sector.

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