Honoring the Legacy of Indigenous Peoples: A Reflection on National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 2023

As we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day, we at the Banting Research Foundation would like to take a moment to recognize the immeasurable contributions of Indigenous communities to the world of research and innovation.

Indigenous communities are the original stewards of the land we now call Canada. Their knowledge systems, deeply intertwined with the natural world, have been foundational in various fields, including environmental science, health, and technology.

Indigenous Peoples have a rich legacy of innovation and resilience, often harnessing the power of nature for sustainable living. Traditional Indigenous knowledge has been instrumental in the development of numerous modern scientific fields, including medicinal plant use, ecological management, and climate change adaptation.

At the Banting Research Foundation, we are committed to supporting research that respects and incorporates Indigenous knowledge systems. We believe in the importance of diverse perspectives in driving innovation. As part of our commitment, we strive to forge stronger ties with Indigenous communities, encouraging their active involvement in shaping our research initiatives.

Today, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the history, culture, and contributions of Indigenous Peoples. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the richness of Indigenous wisdom and the invaluable lessons it offers us.

Moreover, we encourage everyone to learn more about the cultures and histories of Indigenous Peoples. It’s not just about recognition, but also understanding, respect, and reconciliation. Let’s use this day as a stepping stone towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

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