Janet Rossant, CC PhD FRS FRSC
1983 Award Recipient
World-renowned expert in developmental biology
Charles Hollenburg, OC MD FRSC
1965 Award Recipient
A leader of the Canadian medical community
Henry G Friesen, CC MD FRSC FCAHS
1966 Award Recipient
Best known for the discovery of human prolactin
Mladen Vranic, OC MD DSc
1966 Award Recipient
Pioneer in metabolic physiology, Postdoctoral fellow of Charles Best
Adolfo J. de Bold, OC PhD FRSC
1980 Award Recipient
Best known for his discovery of atrial natriuretic factor
Imogen Coe, PhD
1998 Award Recipient
Internationally recognized scientist and champion for women and girls in STEM
Brenda L Gallie, CM MD FRCSC
1983 Award Recipient
A world-renowned ophthalmologist, known for her contributions to the science and medicine of retinoblastoma