Some of our Discovery Awards are co-funded by other organizations. These partnered awards are in addition to our usual 6-7 awards granted each year. In 2019, we are partnering with Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada to co-fund research related to Dystonia and the University of Toronto McLaughlin Centre to fund research related to genomic medicine. 


Applications for these partnered awards go through the same review process as all other applications for the Discovery Award, and are scored and ranked with the others. Only those rated in the fundable categories (outstanding – 4.5-4.9; excellent – 4.0-4.4) will be considered for funding. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements of our Discovery Award program (see guidelines), and, in addition, must show relevance to the partner organization’s areas of research focus. Keywords and clear statements about relevance in the application will be used to determine consideration for a partnered award.

2019 Co-funded Discovery Awards

The Banting Research Foundation Discovery Award supported by DMRF Canada is a one-year grant of up to $25,000 per year that will support research related to the causes, mechanisms, prevention, and treatments which could potentially enable medical breakthroughs and transformative health care advances to find a cure for dystonia. Eligible candidates must be focused on research that will address one or more of the core directions necessary to advance the field of dystonia. These core directions include furthering our fundamental understanding of dystonia, uncovering the mechanisms in the nervous system that lead to symptoms, creating experimental models of dystonia, and discovering targets for new and improved therapeutics designed specifically to treat dystonia. This includes hypothesis-driven research projects at the genetic, molecular, cellular, systems, or behavioral levels that may lead to a better understanding of the pathophysiology or to new therapies for any or all forms of dystonia.

The Banting Research Foundation/ McLaughlin Centre Discovery Award is a one-year grant of up to $25,000 per year that will support research related to genomic medicine, defined as the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and/or treatment of disease and disorders of the mind and body, using approaches informed by knowledge of the diploid genome and the molecules it encodes. Eligible applicants must be in the first three years of an academic appointment at the University of Toronto or its affiliated hospitals and their research institutes.