Ali Abdul-Sater, PhD

School of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University Dissecting the role of TRAF1 in regulating inflammatory and autoimmune diseases Autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are largely driven by abnormal inflammatory responses. Recent research from Dr Abdul-Sater’s group showed that TRAF1, an immune signaling molecule associated with increased risk to RA, can control inflammation. They…

Grant Impact

Imogen R Coe, PhD

Imogen Coe, Founding Dean of the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University, is internationally recognized for her research in the cell biology and biochemistry of membrane transport proteins. Dr Coe received a Banting Research Foundation grant in 1998, while at York University, to study the influence of steroid hormones on the uptake of a class…


Emanuel Rosonina, PhD

Department of Biology, York University Regulation of transcription and splicing factors by sumoylation SUMO is a protein modification that plays important roles in regulating many cellular processes. Several proteins that are involved in neurodegenerative disease are modified by SUMO, and abnormal protein modifications by SUMO have been implicated in many types of cancer, indicating that…