Andrea Bombak, PhD

Andrea Bombak, PhD

Department of Sociology, University of New Brunswick –

Intersections of Weight Stigma in New Brunswick

Andrea Bombak, PhD, recipient of a 2019 Banting Research Foundation Discovery Award

Weight stigma affects risk for stress, diabetes, and heart disease. Little research has explored how people facing other stigmas (like racism, ageism, or classism) are affected by weight stigma.

Place also affects health by making it easier or more difficult to access services or behave healthily. People affected by weight and/or other stigmas may find some places are less welcoming; this can cause stress or avoidance.

New Brunswick has specific groups that may experience stigmas or access issues such as Francophones, Newcomers, older adults, those with lower incomes, and Indigenous persons. People of higher weights in these groups may find how they are treated in some places is made worse by other stigmas.

Dr. Bombak’s research will explore recommendations for safe healthcare and healthy places in New Brunswick among diverse people of higher weights through interviews and accompanying people to sites they find welcoming and accessible or unsafe, unwelcoming, and inaccessible.

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