Arneet Saltzman, PhD

Arneet Saltzman, PhD

Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto –

Investigating the role of heterochromatin readers in genome stability

Arneet Saltzman, PhD, recipient of a 2019 Banting Research Foundation/McLaughlin Centre Discovery Award

Chromosomes consist of DNA packaged with proteins to form chromatin. The organization of our DNA into chromatin is important for controlling which genes are active or inactive, and for preserving the integrity of the genome during cell division and repair of DNA damage. It is therefore not surprising that mutations of genes controlling chromatin structure are prevalent in cancer.

Dr. Saltzman’s research will focus on the role of proteins that recognize the more compact regions of the chromosome, termed heterochromatin. She will investigate how these heterochromatin binding proteins affect cell division, accumulation of DNA mutations, and how they interact with other cancer promoting pathways.

Dr. Saltzman anticipates that this research will lead to a better understanding of the relationship between heterochromatin and genome integrity in normal and cancer cells.

This grant was supported by the University of Toronto McLaughlin Centre.