Malika Oubaha, PhD

Malika Oubaha, PhD

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Quebec at Montreal

Premature Aging of Blood Vessels in Eye Diseases

Quality of life is adversely affected by visual impairment or loss of sight – commonly caused by retinal vascular diseases. We have recently discovered premature aging in blood vessels during retinopathy.

  • We aim to identify the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which premature aging modulates blood vessel identity in the eye
  • Documenting this process is expected to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of visual disorders associated with vascular abnormalities
  • To identify the molecular signatures that direct vascular cell identity specification during blood vessel growth, will enable the design of new strategies to prevent and treat eye diseases

Our research project meets an important need to prevent vision loss and restore sight to people living with blinding diseases.

Professor Oubaha is one of three recipients of The Jarislowsky Fellowship – Banting Discovery Award 2020.