Noam Miller, PhD

Noam Miller, PhD

Department of Psychology,
Wilfrid Laurier University –

Exploring neural mechanisms of social behavior using zebrafish

This research study uses zebrafish, a small freshwater species of fish commonly used in genetic and developmental research, to explore the mechanisms of social behavior. Zebrafish spend the majority of their time in groups and have complex social interactions, including learning from each other, making collective decisions about where to search for food, and communicating about the presence of predators.

Using a series of behavioral tests of zebrafish social behavior, Dr Miller will explore how social behavior is controlled in the brain by exposing individual members of the group to drugs that affect specific brain systems. This will help to identify novel drugs that may have beneficial effects on human social disorders. See more about Dr Miller’s work at

(l to r) Ramy Ayoub, Mackenzie Schultz, Noam Miller, Chelsey Damphousse