Pierre-Yves Lozach, PhD

Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier

Bunyavirus entry into mammalian cells

Lozach Lab viral particles image
Lozach Lab image of viral particles (red = virus and green = cell membrane)

Bunyaviridae is a large family of viruses mainly transmitted by arthropods such as mosquitos and ticks. Many bunyaviruses are important pathogens in humans and livestock. Due to their mode of transmission, they are considered emerging agents of diseases. Unfortunately, bunyaviruses are understudied, which has contributed to an absence of treatments or vaccines approved for human use.

Through this research program, using the bunyavirus Uukuniemi as a model, we expect to gain information about the molecular and cellular mechanisms subverted by these viruses to infect a host. The results gleaned here will lay the basis for developing new antiviral strategies.

Pierre Lozach and team at the Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier
Pierre-Yves Lozach, recipient of a 2013 Banting Research Foundation grant, and his team at the Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier (from left, Ronan Rouxel, Pierre-Yves Lozach, Marilou Tetard, and Berthe Youness)