Sheelagh Whittaker

Sheelagh Whittaker

As the first female CEO of a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (Canadian Satellite Communications Inc.), Sheelagh jokes that her meme is that of a professional breath of fresh air.

From her early days with The Canada Consulting Group (now Boston Consulting), followed by the tremendous satisfaction of winning the license for CBC Newsworld, to her years as senior executive first at Cancom and then at Electronic Data Systems in Canada, Australia, and the UK, Middle East and Africa, Sheelagh experienced a wide range of challenges in her career as a global executive.

Ms. Whittaker served on the Board of Directors of CanWest Global Communications Corp, CanWest MediaWorks Income Fund, Catalyst Canada, Donahue Inc., General Trust Inc., Imperial Oil Limited, Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation, Network 10 Australia, Phamacia & Upjohn Animal Health Board, Royal Bank of Canada, Spar Aerospace Ltd, Sterling Trust, Standard Life PLC, York Business School Advisory Council.

Honoured with a DHumL (Hon) from Mount Saint Vincent University, and LLD (Hon) from the University College of Cape Breton, and an Honourary Fellowship from Toronto Metropolitan University. Whittaker was named to the Hour Roll of Outstanding Canadians by Maclean’s Magazine.

The rough and tumble of an international business career has served to make Whittaker more, rather than less, humble about her insight and experience. Nevertheless, she can never resist offering her opinion, if asked.

Skills:  Strategic and design thinking; connected in the business community in Canada and internationally; advocate for EDI – particularly women